Sheltered housing

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Sheltered housing

In the supported housing project of Apollis Care, we aim to facilitate the inclusion of individuals with lived experiences as experts within our organization, allowing them to reside safely based on their needs. The project, developed after years of experience in guiding individuals with severe psychiatric conditions (EPA) who struggle to manage in an independent living setting, responds to those looking to reshape their lives.

We will listen to vulnerable individuals and partners grappling with long waiting lists to determine if they can participate in these new forms of living.

The Apollis Care GGZ supported housing project will establish admission criteria collaboratively with the client council, board of trustees, experienced individuals, mental health professionals, and partners. The goal is to provide a safe and restorative living environment, preventing relapses and ensuring continued functionality within our community.

In the GGZ supported housing project of Apollis Care, nurses, a psychologist, experienced individuals, a mental health professional, and social workers are involved. Additionally, patients with severe mental illness and concurrent conditions like diabetes will receive internal assistance from Apollis Care’s professional home care team, promoting a safe living environment for everyone.

United by our shared ambitions, we strive to offer these valuable individuals in our community an optimal quality of life through a positive and secure supported living experience, enabling them to lead meaningful lives. Additionally, we will continue our joint efforts against stigma and societal costs in health insurance (ZVW), social support (WMO), and youth care (JW), as we have been doing since 2018.

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